• Significantly superior fatigue resistance
  • FiBER FORCE® flexes with natural chewing
  • Significantly superior fracture resistance
  • Virtually invisible (ultra-thin dentures) to invisible (traditional thickness dentures)
  • Light weight
  • FiBER FORCE® mesh chemically bonds to methacrylate resins
  • FiBER FORCE® is industrially pre-impregnated for superior chemical bonds
  • Unique patented process and materials customize and compress an ultra-thin FiBER FORCE® mesh within an acrylic “sandwich”
  • Fast lab process without delays in processing your dentures
  • Completely replaces previous cast reinforcements in “problem” situations without any of the inconveniences of metal
  • Metal free - nontoxic - non corrosive

FiBER FORCE® offers additional internal benefits to the laboratory:

  • A straightforward process that offers consistently successful results
  • Takes one case to learn the process
  • Takes about 20 minutes to do a complete reinforcement (slightly longer for implant cases)
  • No additional delays or outsourcing for cast reinforcements
  • No additional outsourcing of profits
  • A complete range of products for a wide variety of fiber-based applications
  • Splintvac unit allows you to make thin, perfectly adapted reinforcements every time

Technical properties

  • E-glass construction for superior physical properties
  • Treated with silane (a bond enhancer) for high bond strength
  • Pre-impregnated in an industrial environment for consistently high bond strengths
  • Light-curing resins for accurate forming of mesh and reduced processing time