Avantages of CST LINK

- Fast
CST Link transfer impressions are faster than traditional techniques. CST Link eliminates the need for additional control tests and ensures a higher level of precision- ideal for all immediate load cases.

- Precise
CST Link is a precise system using high stability light-cured hybrid fiber stands. Dimensional variations using CST Link are well below the levels of detectability.

- Avoid time-consuming tests
The technique utilized, which consists of quickly blocking the different components, reliably replaces time-consuming validation test (Sheffield test).

- Immediate loading
An optical imagery study on the reliability of spatial positioning depending on whether the implants were transferred in a single piece or several pieces before imprinting, concluded that when the transfers are joined together before imprinting, the imprints generated are more accurate than those using the unjointed technique. Transferring the implants together is essential in the immediate loading context where time is reduced and error is not permitted.
The CST link technique gives more flexibility and time to the laboratory and the practitioner to complete an immediate prosthesis. .